The Rest garden on Tekesbury road is a beautiful garden full  of trees, flowers and some veg beds.  It is run by the  Friends of Elmfield Park and is open Monday and Thursday 9.30-1pm and the 2nd Saturday of the month 11-1pm, you should all visit it.

We did notice an edge of the garden that had been a dumping ground for decades, we could not let that space go to waste.


The edge of this garden was once a footpath to an underpass and over the years had been used to dump the usual range of rubbish.

A team set-to, slowly digging away, removing the rubbish, finding some interesting metal containers, and plastic bottles, as well as plenty of glass and pot. Fortunately no sign of chemicals but the ground was tested anyway.

The most exciting moment was realising we had disturbed a large grass snake, which we carefully avoided until it had moved to a quieter spot.