Big News for 2024!

After a great start to our veg producing venture,  we are planning big things for 2024.

We are expanding our veg growing venture and have taken on more land.  We aim to increase both the range and season of veg to the pantries and to Cheltenham Open door at a price they can afford.

We are also excited to be starting some more community growing schemes  at St Aidans, St Marks and Hesters way, and working with the Charlton Kings community garden.

There are lots of ways in which you can help. Click here for details.

A short video explaining the veg scheme can be viewed here

Man holding a handful of freshly picked potatoes in his hands.

How can you help?

We need help in so many ways.

  • Do you know of land that could be used?

  • Can you move compost or wood chip?

  • Are you willing to help on a one-off basis?


Contact us at